Wajer Yachts

Your new luxury escape


Translating the premium quality and craftsmanship from the Wajer yachts to their new online website.

For almost three decades, the Wajer name has been synonymous with the best boats money can buy. In 1992, Dorus Wajer started building his own launches on the lakes near Amsterdam. Since then they have developed 4 more highly sophisticated Wajer yachts that can be found all over the world.

Wajer requested us to create a website that reflected the quality of their yachts and all the details that make a Wajer Yachts so popular. Apart from their new yachts it was also important to showcase used and refitted yachts, explain their service benefits and tender possibilities. This all came together on a mobile-first designed website with elegant motion and user-friendly navigation.

My Role
Research and concept phase, UX Lead (for Superhero Cheesecake)