G-Star Elwood

You are what you wear.


You are what you wear. At least, that’s the big idea behind G-Star’s Elwood jeans: everybody is their own unique pair of Elwood denim. Loud. Cool. Conscious. Fun. A little sexy (ooh la la).

We were tasked to bring the new G-Star range to life in a suitably unique fashion. The result? A rich, animated experience that allows customers to interact with each pair of Elwood jeans, and discover the new range in a more playful way than the usual e-commerce setup.

Users are able to navigate the collection in a tangible way – each pair of Elwood denim went through a photoshoot to deliver custom sequences, combined with custom WebGL to create unique animations where you could pull, move and almost feel the jeans. To add a vintage finish, WebGL was used to create transitions in the website to give it that old VHS look and feel (yep, the ’90s are cool again) – with desktop and tablet experiences also being given their own unique and interactive polish.

My Role
UX Lead (for Superhero Cheesecake)