Hi, I’m Pim, a passionate UX designer that creates cutting-edge interactive experiences for big brands and awesome agencies. Based in Amsterdam and currently working for Superhero Cheesecake.


Product and UX Design
Design research and concept development
Scrum Master and Lean teams


I have over 8 years experience designing and developing impactful interactive experiences, leading scrum teams and working with multidisciplinary teams.

Currently I’m UX Designer at Superhero Cheesecake, previously Fabrique and ECD at startup Arion.

I have worked for clients like Tesla, Heineken, Uber, Adidas, G-Star and the Van Gogh Museum.

Awards received


About me

Captivated by the possibilities that design and technology can bring, I stay awake motivated to drive meaningful levels of impact at different scales across the world and not afraid to challenge the status quo.

When not working on digital you can find me rock climbing in Belgium or the Alps, kitesurfing in the Western-Sahara or pitching my tent in Patagonia.


Contact me at hallo@pimvandaelen.nl or check out my LinkedIn or Instagram page.